Cultural Criminology and Gender Consciousness

  title={Cultural Criminology and Gender Consciousness},
  author={Laura Naegler and Sara Salman},
  journal={Feminist Criminology},
  pages={354 - 374}
Cultural criminology emerged in the mid-nineties with defining texts written by Jock Young, Keith Hayward, and Jeff Ferrell, among others. Since its inception, it has been criticized for its shallow connections with feminist theory. While in theory cultural criminology clearly acknowledges the influence of feminist scholarship, it has in practice often only superficially ‘added’ on gender and sexuality to its scholarly investigations. Yet, as we argue, research identified with cultural… 
Cultural Criminology: The Time is Now
  • J. Ilan
  • Sociology, Law
    Critical Criminology
  • 2019
Cultural criminology understands crime and its control as products of meaning. It explores simultaneously the macro-, meso- and micro-levels of social life, sensitive to the operation of power, in
Decoding the Binary: Reconsidering the Hacker Subculture through a Gendered Lens
ABSTRACT Research has demonstrated that hacker subculture – like many other tech-oriented communities – is disproportionately composed of men. While prior attempts have been made to explain this
Resistance and the Radical Imagination: A Reflection on the Role of the Critical Criminologist in Social Movements
At times of global unrest and the emergence of a wide range of protest movements, recent intra-disciplinary criminological debates on the potentials and limits of resistance suggest a paradoxical
Just married: the synergy between feminist criminology and the Tripartite Cybercrime Framework
This article is a theoretical treatment of feminist epistemology of crime, which advocates the centrality of gender as a theoretical starting point for the investigating of digital crimes. It does so
Just Married: The Synergy between Feminist Criminology and the Tripartite Cybercrime Framework
This article is a theoretical treatment of feminist epistemology of crime, which advocates the centrality of gender as a theoretical starting point for the investigating of digital crimes. It does so
The ‘one who knocks’ and the ‘one who waits’: Gendered violence in Breaking Bad
This article provides a cultural criminological analysis of the acclaimed US television series, Breaking Bad. It is argued here that – as a cultural text – Breaking Bad is emblematic of an agenda for
Reflecting on the Use of Feminist Theories in Sport Management Research
Benschop and Verloo (Feminist organization theories: Islands of treasure, 2016) argue that while feminist theories are primarily used in management and organization research when the central focus is
Supporting girls and young women victims of sexual harassment in schools: “me and you and everyone we know”
Purpose This study aims to highlight an innovative project, across three European countries, namely, Italy, Sweden and Romania, that used pictorial designs to empower young women to demand the right
Working at the edge: Police, emotions and space in Rio de Janeiro
  • D. Pauschinger
  • Sociology
    Environment and Planning D: Society and Space
  • 2019
Rio de Janeiro’s police officers habitually work on the edge of a border – between rationalised and ordered routines on one hand, and risk, disorder and incipient violence on the other. The article


Cultural criminology: Script rewrites
A decade has passed since Jock Young and I published ‘Cultural criminology: Some notes on the script’, the opening article of a special edition on cultural criminology for Theoretical Criminology.
Jock Young and social bulimia: Crime and the contradictions of capitalism
Jock Young’s contribution to sociology and criminology over the last 40 years is difficult to fully appreciate. As has oft been noted, his contributions to criminology involved interventions into
Cultural Criminology and Sex Work: Resisting Regulation Through Radical Democracy and Participatory Action Research (PAR)
Taking a feminist cultural criminological analysis to the regulation of sex work in the United Kingdom, this paper argues against the dominant deviancy and the increasingly abolitionist criminal
Pussy Riot and feminist cultural criminology: a new ‘Femininity in Dissent’?
This comment considers the mainstream, online Western news media’s reaction to the imprisonment of three members of the Russian feminist punk band, Pussy Riot, in August 2012. Of particular concern
Cultural criminology explores the many ways in which cultural dynamics intertwine with the practices of crime and crime control in contemporary society; put differently, cultural criminology
Cultural Criminology: An Invitation (2nd Edition)
Drawing on issues of representation, meaning and politics, this book systematically walks students through the key areas that make up this fascinating approach to the study of crime. The second
Intersectionality as buzzword
Since its inception, the concept of `intersectionality' — the interaction of multiple identities and experiences of exclusion and subordination — has been heralded as one of the most important
Troubling the psychosocial: Jock Young’s late modern subjectivity from Sartre to Marcuse
Jock Young’s well-known trilogy The Exclusive Society (1999), The Vertigo of Late Modernity (2007), and The Criminological Imagination (2011) signals a turn from criminological theories that have
Outsiders amongst outsiders: A cultural criminological perspective on the sub-subcultural world of women in the yakuza underworld
This research explores a lesser-known aspect of the infamous yakuza subculture: the wives. Implementing a triangulation of methods and embracing a cultural criminological perspective, this research
Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity
Preface (1999) Preface (1990) 1. Subjects of Sex/Gender/Desire I. 'Women' as the Subject of Feminism II. The Compulsory Order of Sex/Gender/Desire III. Gender: The Circular Ruins of Contemporary