Cultural Criminology:

  title={Cultural Criminology:},
  author={Keith J. Hayward and Jock S. Young},
  journal={Theoretical Criminology},
  pages={259 - 273}
Let us start with a question: what is this phenomenon called ‘cultural criminology’? Above all else, it is the placing of crime and its control in the context of culture; that is, viewing both crime and the agencies of control as cultural products—as creative constructs. As such, they must be read in terms of the meanings they carry. Furthermore, cultural criminology seeks to highlight the interaction between these two elements: the relationship and the interaction between constructions… 
Cultural Criminology: The Time is Now
  • J. Ilan
  • Sociology, Law
    Critical Criminology
  • 2019
Cultural criminology understands crime and its control as products of meaning. It explores simultaneously the macro-, meso- and micro-levels of social life, sensitive to the operation of power, in
Cultural criminology: Script rewrites
A decade has passed since Jock Young and I published ‘Cultural criminology: Some notes on the script’, the opening article of a special edition on cultural criminology for Theoretical Criminology.
In this paper, I undertake a critical evaluation of the central claims of cultural criminology. In particular, I argue that the project is characterized by important confusions over what is meant by
Opening the lens: Cultural criminology and the image
Five years ago now, in the edited collection Cultural Criminology Unleashed (Ferrell et al., 2004), we commented that the true meaning of crime and crime control was to be found not in the essential
Cultural Criminology: An Invitation… to What?
Since the mid 1990s, a strand of criminology emerged that is concerned with the co-constitution of crime and culture under the general rubric of ‘cultural criminology’. In the titles Cultural
Putting the Psyche into ‘Cultural Criminology’: A psychosocial understanding of looting, masculinity, shame and violence
The widespread incidents of rioting and looting across England in August 2011 have drawn attention to debate about the links between ‘consumer culture’ and criminality. This association has
When Crime Is Sublime
  • O. Binik
  • Art
    The Fascination with Violence in Contemporary Society
  • 2019
The article discusses the topic of fascination for crime from a cultural point of view. It’s focused on two aspects: the emotional dimension and the role it assumes in contemporary society. From an
The critical terrorism studies–cultural criminology nexus: some thoughts on how to ‘toughen up’ the critical studies approach
This article adopts the perspective of cultural criminology to engage with some of the recent criticisms that have surfaced regarding critical terrorism studies (CTS). In particular, this article
Emotionality and Cultural Stories of (In)justice
For some time now criminological endeavour has sought to understand the meanings of punishment as expressed in narratives, images and symbols; as a ‘marvellous spectacle’ (Boulanger and Sarat 2005,
The Meaning of Cultural Criminology: A Theoretical and Methodological Lineage
The Meaning of Cultural Criminology: A Theoretical and Methodological LineageThe field of cultural criminology has "borne many slings and arrows, more so than almost any other of the critical


Cultural Criminology:
This article will offer a thumbnail sketch of some of the key theoretical antecedents that have underscored the cultural analysis of crime and criminality in both the United States and Britain. It
Boredom, Crime and Criminology
Under the dehumanizing conditions of modernism, boredom has come to pervade the experience of everyday life. This collective boredom has spawned not only moments of illicit excitement—that is,
Merton with Energy, Katz with Structure:
This article traces the impact of economic and cultural globalization pointing to the consequent rise of widespread resentment and tension both within the First World and internationally.
Cultural Criminology and the Carnival of Crime
M ike Presdee addresses carnivalesque events in his fascinating, timely, and must-read book, Cultural Criminology and the Carnival of Crime . Presdee addresses the performance of pleasures, the
Intellectual Scepticism and Political Commitment: The Case of Radical Criminology
Willem Bonger was an important, even legendary figure in Western criminology, and fifty years after his death we should all be aware of this heritage. This chapter, however, does not directly deal
Cultural criminology unleashed
Voodoo Criminology and the Numbers Game. From Cultural Studies to Psychosocial Criminology: An Intellectual Journey. The Story of Crime: Biography and the Excavation of Transgression. Phenomenology,
Book Review: City Limits: Crime, Consumer Culture and the Urban Experience
City Limits contributes to a growing body of work under the umbrella of 'cultural criminology', which attempts to bring an appreciation of cultural change to an understanding of crime in late
Crime in Context
Social Transitions of the Late Twentieth Century: Crime and Fear in Context The Ninth Transition: The Rise of Market Society Young People, Crime and Fear in Market Societies Crime in the City:
The Exclusive Society: Social Exclusion, Crime and Difference in Late Modernity
From Inclusive to Exclusive Society Crime and Discord in an Age of Late Modernity Cannibalism and Bulimia Essentialising the Other Demonisation and the Creation of Monstrosity The Criminology of
The Delinquent Solution
The concept of the 'subculture' has undergone considerable development in sociology, and has emerged as a separate field of study. It has proved useful as a tool with which to describe aspects of