Cultural Appropriation and the Arts

  title={Cultural Appropriation and the Arts},
  author={James O Young},
Preface. Chapter One: What is Cultural Appropriation?: . Art, Culture, and Appropriation. Types of Cultural Appropriation. What is a Culture?. Objections to Cultural Appropriation. In Praise of Cultural Appropriation. Chapter Two: The Aesthetics of Cultural Appropriation: . The Aesthetic Handicap Thesis. The Cultural Experience Argument. Aesthetic Properties and Cultural Context. Authenticity and Appropriation. Authentic Appropriation. Cultural Experience and Subject Appropriation… Expand
Cultural Appropriation of Polynesian Portrayed In Moana Movie
This research aims to identify and describe cultural appropriation that were found in Moana. Cultural appropriation is one of the negative actions that can harm one culture. This action generallyExpand
Authenticating an Emirati Art World: Claims of Tabula Rasa and Cultural Appropriation in the UAE
Abstract Following a brief history of the development of arts initiatives and arts practice in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), this article then focuses on claims of tabula rasa and culturalExpand
New Objections to Cultural Appropriation in the Arts
Some writers have objected to cultural appropriation in the arts on the grounds that it violates cultures’ property rights. Recently a paper by Erich Matthes and another by C. Thi Nguyen andExpand
Does cultural appropriation cause harm?
ABSTRACT Cultural appropriation is often called a buzzword and dismissed as a concept for serious engagement. Political theory, in particular, has been largely silent about cultural appropriation.Expand
Cultural appropriation and the intimacy of groups
What could ground normative restrictions concerning cultural appropriation in cases where they are not grounded by independent considerations such as property rights or harm? We propose that suchExpand
Cultural appropriation and aesthetic normativity
Is it ever aesthetically permissible to engage in acts of cultural appropriation? This paper shows how recent work on aesthetic normativity can help answer this question. Drawing on the work of LopesExpand
Moderate Conventionalism and Cultural Appropriation
Cultural appropriation, also called cultural borrowing, has been the topic of much discussion in recent years. Roughly speaking, cultural appropriation happens when someone outside of a cultural orExpand
Africa-Lite: cultural appropriation and commodification of historic blackness in post-apartheid fabric and décor design
Over the past few years, cultural appropriation has gained a degree of notoriety as a buzzword, after emerging into the wider public arena from academic, legal and political discourses.Expand
Style Appropriation, Intimacy, and Expressiveness
  • J. Dodd
  • Psychology
  • The British Journal of Aesthetics
  • 2021
This paper is about style appropriation: the use by someone of stylistic cultural innovations distinctive of a cultural group that is not her own. While I agree with the key insight of C. ThiExpand
Drama of aVaNgers iN Time Capsule as praCTiCe of poliTiC-CulTural represeNTaTioN ( Cultural appropriation or Cultural appreciation ?
At the inauguration of Time Capsule in Merauke, Mrs, Iriana have carried a Papuan child on her back while stepping on the place where all hopes and dream of Indonesia children kept until 2085 to beExpand