• Biology
  • Published 2017

Cultura e sensibilidade bacteriana da conjuntiva ocular de equinos

  title={Cultura e sensibilidade bacteriana da conjuntiva ocular de equinos},
  author={Ana Raquel de Ara{\'u}jo Ferreira and Alana Fontenele Santana and Ana Carolina da Veiga Rodarte de Almeida and Renan Fiel Sousa and Simone Perecmanis and Paula D Galera},
The aim of this study was to identify the conjunctival bacterial flora of healthy horses in Brasilia (Distrito Federal, Brazil), and to evaluate the antimicrobial susceptibility of the isolated strains. We examined 200 eyes of 100 healthy adult horses without any eye problems, belonging to the 1st Regiment of the Cavalry Guard (RCG) of the Brazilian Army in Brasilia. Samples were collected from the inferior conjunctival fornix of both eyes. Drug sensitivity test was performed with the… CONTINUE READING