Cultivated meat production propelled by fermentation

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Consumer acceptance of new food trends resulting from the fourth industrial revolution technologies: A narrative review of literature and future perspectives

The growing consumer awareness of climate change and the resulting food sustainability issues have led to an increasing adoption of several emerging food trends. Some of these trends have been

The fourth industrial revolution in the food industry-part II: Emerging food trends.

The food industry has recently been under unprecedented pressure due to major global challenges, such as climate change, exponential increase in world population and urbanization, and the worldwide



Cultured meat - a patentometric analysis.

For the first time, a patentometric analysis for cultured meat is performed by highlighting the current patents landscape, determining prolific organisations and geographical locations active in the area, and identifying the overall outlook for the field.

Scaffolds for the manufacture of cultured meat

This paper reviews and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of scaffold materials and potential scaffolding related to scale-up solution for the production of cultured meat.

Advanced mycelium materials as potential self-growing biomedical scaffolds

The findings demonstrate the potentiality of mycelia as all-natural and low-cost bio-scaffolds, alternative to the tissue engineering systems currently in place.

Public Attitudes and Willingness to Pay for Cultured Meat: A Cross-Sectional Experimental Study

Previous research has suggested that the general public is divided over their willingness to consider consuming cultured meat (CM) products. As commercial backing for cultured meat startups increases

Adipose and Muscle Cell Co-Culture System: A Novel In Vitro Tool to Mimic the In Vivo Cellular Environment

Details are provided about the co-culture systems used to study the complex interactions between adipose and muscle cells in various environments, such as those that promote cell differentiation and growth and those used for drug development.

Considerations for the development of cost-effective cell culture media for cultivated meat production.

The present review shall provide an overview of the current understanding of cell culture media as it relates to cultivated meat.

Muscle stem cell isolation and in vitro culture for meat production: A methodological review.

This review discusses comprehensively and in detail each step of cutting-edge methods for cultured meat production and would be meaningful for both academia and industry to prepare for the new era of cellular agriculture.

In vitro and in vivo antioxidant activities of soy protein isolate fermented with Bacillus subtilis natto

The Bacillus subtilis natto fermented soy protein isolate (FSPI) exhibited concentration-dependent scavenging activity against 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) and hydroxyl (·OH) free-radicals, and revealed the great potential of FSPI applying in the development of health food or sports food.