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Culinary fluid mechanics and other currents in food science

  title={Culinary fluid mechanics and other currents in food science},
  author={Arnold J.T.M. Mathijssen and Maciej Lisicki and Vivek N. Prakash and Endre Joachim Mossige},
Innovations in fluid mechanics are leading to better food since ancient history, while creativity in cooking inspires applied and fundamental science. Here, we review how recent advances in hydrodynamics are changing food science, and we highlight how the surprising phenomena that arise in the kitchen lead to discoveries and technologies across the disciplines, including rheology, soft matter, biophysics and molecular gastronomy. This review is structured like a menu, where each course… 

The intertwined physics of active chemical reactions and phase separation

  • David Zwicker
  • Chemistry
    Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science
  • 2022

The mathematics of burger flipping

Interfacial activity dynamics of confined active droplets

Active emulsions can exhibit a complex hydrodynamic mode spectrum driven by chemical advection-diffusion instabilities. We study such an active emulsion consisting of oil droplets that dynamically