Cuba: Ideological Success or Ideological Failure?

  title={Cuba: Ideological Success or Ideological Failure?},
  author={Jeffrey L. Roberg and Alyson Kuttruff},
  journal={Human Rights Quarterly},
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Cuba is typically viewed from one of two conflicting perspectives: a deliverer of education, healthcare, and democracy, or a violator of human rights with no regard for its citizens. There is truth in both perspectives. The Castro regime is still largely guided by its socialist ideology, but a visit to Cuba reveals a country that no longer represents the egalitarian society promised. Cuba's use of neo-socialist and neo-capitalist policies is returning Cuba to a class-based society. While the… 
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Philanthropic Gifting in Tourism: A Study of Guardalavaca and Varadero, Cuba
III ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS V LIST OF FIGURES VIII LIST OF TABLES IX 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1 1.1 Identifying the Gap 1 1.2 Research Objectives 2 1.3 Purpose Statement 2 1.4 Definitions 3 1.5 Conclusion 3 2.0
Cuba in transition : entrepreneurs, tourism and political compromise in Havana
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Effect of the U.S. Embargo and Economic Decline on Health in Cuba
  • M. Barry
  • Political Science, Medicine
    Annals of Internal Medicine
  • 2000
The effects of economic crisis and the U.S. embargo on the health of Cuba's 11 million citizens are described and personal reflections on the ways in which the health care system has deteriorated during years of progressive U.s. sanctions are included.
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Afin d'examiner la fiabilite des statistiques sur l'education produites par le gouvernement de Cuba, l'auteur utilise l'Annuaire statistique de l'Unesco de 1969 a 1988 (notamment les chiffres sur les