CuBr-mediated radical cascade difluoroacetamidation of acrylamides using α,α-difluoro-α-(TMS)-acetamides

  title={CuBr-mediated radical cascade difluoroacetamidation of acrylamides using $\alpha$,$\alpha$-difluoro-$\alpha$-(TMS)-acetamides},
  author={Kai Liu and Lin Sui and Qiao Jin and Deng-Yuan Li and Pei Nian Liu},
  journal={Organic chemistry frontiers},
Radical cascade difluoroacetamidation of N-(arylsulfonyl)acrylamides with α,α-difluoro-α-(TMS)-acetamides has been achieved for the first time. This CuBr-mediated transformation is easy to perform, generates high yields and shows a good substrate scope. This cascade reaction proceeds via difluoroacetamidation, aryl migration and desulfonylation. The products can be readily transformed into synthetically useful compounds such as difluorofunctionalized esters and alcohols in excellent yields. 
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