Crystallographic studies of human MitoNEET.

  title={Crystallographic studies of human MitoNEET.},
  author={Xiaowei Hou and Rujuan Liu and Stuart M Ross and Eric J. Smart and Haining Zhu and Weimin Gong},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={282 46},
MitoNEET was identified as an outer mitochondrial membrane protein that can potentially bind the anti-diabetes drug pioglitazone. The crystal structure of the cytoplasmic mitoNEET (residues 33-108) is determined in this study. The structure presents a novel protein fold and contains a [2Fe-2S] cluster-binding domain. The [2Fe-2S] cluster is coordinated to the protein by Cys-72, Cys-74, Cys-83, and His-87 residues. This coordination is also novel compared with the traditional [2Fe-2S] cluster… CONTINUE READING


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