Crystallographic analysis of the intact metal centres [3Fe-4S](1+/0) and [4Fe-4S](2+/1+) in a Zn(2+) -containing ferredoxin.

  title={Crystallographic analysis of the intact metal centres [3Fe-4S](1+/0) and [4Fe-4S](2+/1+) in a Zn(2+) -containing ferredoxin.},
  author={Carlos F Fraz{\~a}o and David Arag{\~a}o and Ricardo Coelho and S{\'o}nia S Leal and Claudio E. M. Gomes and Miguel Teixeira and Maria Arm{\'e}nia Carrondo},
  journal={FEBS letters},
  volume={582 5},
Detailed structural models of di-cluster seven-iron ferredoxins constitute a valuable resource for folding and stability studies relating the metal cofactors' role in protein stability. The here reported, hemihedric twinned crystal structure at 2.0 A resolution from Acidianus ambivalens ferredoxin, shows an integral 103 residues, physiologically relevant native form composed by a N-terminal extension comprising a His/Asp Zn(2+) site and the ferredoxin (betaalphabeta)(2) core, which harbours… CONTINUE READING

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