Crystallization of calcium phosphate in microgravity.


Dilute solutions of CaCl2 and KH2PO4 + K2HPO4 were diffusing from either side into a mixing chamber with KCl solution. The microgravity experiment yielded aggregates of large crystals of OCP (Ca8H2(PO4)3,5H2O) and spherolites of smaller, but still visible crystals of HAP (Ca5OH(PO4)3), the stable final phase. Ground-based experiments yielded submicroscopic HAP crystals. Results of calculations of diffusion and crystal growth on the basis of previous knowledge agree well with observations.

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@article{Madsen1995CrystallizationOC, title={Crystallization of calcium phosphate in microgravity.}, author={Hans Erik Lundager Madsen and F Christensson and Alexander A Chernov and Leonid Polyak and Elena I Suvorova}, journal={Advances in space research : the official journal of the Committee on Space Research}, year={1995}, volume={16 8}, pages={65-8} }