Crystallization of a chitosanase from Streptomyces N174.

  title={Crystallization of a chitosanase from Streptomyces N174.},
  author={Edward M. Marcotte and P John Hart and Isabelle Boucher and Ryszard Brzezinski and Jon D. Robertus},
  journal={Journal of molecular biology},
  volume={232 3},
Chitosanases are produced by many soil fungi and bacteria to degrade chitosan present in fungal cell walls. Here, we report the crystallization of a 29,500 dalton protein with chitosan endo-hydrolase activity isolated from Streptomyces N174. The crystals were grown by vapor diffusion. They are mechanically strong and diffract to at least 1.9 A resolution. The crystals belong to the monoclinic space group P2(1) with unit cell parameters a = 56.4 A, b = 59.6 A, c = 86.1 A and beta = 96.6 degrees… CONTINUE READING

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