Crystallization of a Second Adenovirus Protein (the Fibre)

  title={Crystallization of a Second Adenovirus Protein (the Fibre)},
  author={Vivien Mautner and Hougelle Simpl{\'i}cio Gomes Pereira},
THE adenovirus capsid has icosahedral symmetry, and is constructed from 252 capsomeres1. In all, 240 hexons define the three-fold and two-fold positions on the faces and edges of the icosahedron, and there are twelve pentons (each consisting of a penton base and a projecting fibre) at the five-fold vertices2,3. Cells infected with adenovirus produce free hexons, pentons and fibres as well as intact virions, and these free “soluble antigens” have been purified by several methods (see review by… CONTINUE READING

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