Crystallization behavior of 3D-structured OMS-2 under hydrothermal conditions

  title={Crystallization behavior of 3D-structured OMS-2 under hydrothermal conditions},
  author={Yanli Wang and Min Liu and Keyan Li and Anfeng Zhang and Xinwen Guo},
Homogeneous flower-like OMS-2 particles were successfully prepared in a short time of merely 4 h using a hydrothermal method under a MnSO4–K2S2O8–K2SO4–H2SO4 system. The flower-like OMS-2 particles with a diameter of around 2 μm were composed of uniform slender cryptomelane rods several hundred nanometers in length when the pH of the precursor solution was 0.18 and the solution was treated at 443 K. XRD and SEM characterization techniques demonstrated that formation of flower-like OMS-2… CONTINUE READING