Crystalline water ice on the Kuiper belt object (50000) Quaoar

  title={Crystalline water ice on the Kuiper belt object (50000) Quaoar},
  author={D. Jewitt and J. Luu},
  • D. Jewitt, J. Luu
  • Published 2004
  • Geology, Medicine
  • Nature
  • The Kuiper belt is a disk-like structure consisting of solid bodies orbiting the Sun beyond Neptune. It is the source of the short-period comets and the likely repository of the Solar System's most primitive materials. Surface temperatures in the belt are low (∼ 50 K), suggesting that ices trapped at formation should have been preserved over the age of the Solar System. Unfortunately, most Kuiper belt objects are too faint for meaningful compositional study, even with the largest available… CONTINUE READING

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