Crystalline liquids: the blue phases

  title={Crystalline liquids: the blue phases},
  author={David C. Wright and N. David Mermin},
  journal={Reviews of Modern Physics},
The blue phases of cholesteric liquid crystals are liquids that exhibit orientational order characterized by crystallographic space-group symmetries. We present here a pedagogical introduction to the current understanding of the equilibrium structure of these phases accompanied by a general overview of major experimental results. Using the Ginzburg-Landau free energy appropriate to the system, we first discuss in detail the character and stability of the usual helical phase of cholesterics… 
Stabilizing the blue phases.
A large increase in the region of stability of blue phase I, and a qualitative change in the phase diagram, are found, in a system where the cholesteric phase displays helix inversion.
Cholesteric blue phases: effect of strong confinement
After an overview of cholesteric blue phases, we review our recent numerical studies on possible defect structures when blue phase I (BP I) is confined in a thin cell composed of two parallel
Blue phases are mesophases that emerge in chiral nematic liquid crystals. The main goal of this article is to emphasize that crystalline unit cells of the molecular orientational order can emerge in
Double-twist cylinders in liquid crystalline cholesteric blue phases observed by transmission electron microscopy
Transmission electron microscopy of photopolymerized blue phases with controlled lattice plane orientations shows that TEM observation of alignment-controlled, photopolymersized liquid crystals can be a powerful tool to investigate complex liquid crystalline order.
Two-dimensional, blue phase tactoids
ABSTRACT We use full nematohydrodynamic simulations to study the statics and dynamics of monolayers of cholesteric liquid crystals. Using chirality and temperature as control parameters, we show that
Liquid Crystalline Blue Phases and Swimmer Hydrodynamics
Soft condensed matter is concerned with the wide variety of materials, ranging from polymers to foams, that are neither crystalline, nor gaseous, but lie somewhere in between. In this thesis, we
Structure of the cholesteric-isotropic interface.
A systematic calculation of the structure and surface tension of the cholesteric-isotropic interface and how these vary with the properties of the liquid crystal finds that the anchoring at the interface depends on the pitch of theCholesteric and the interface undulations scale with the square root of the pitch.
Liquid Crystalline Blue Phases
Blue phases are known to appear in chiral liquid crystals in a small temperature range between the chiral nematic phase and the isotropic one. They are optically active, non-birefringent, and they
Stabilising liquid crystalline Blue Phases
Liquid crystalline Blue Phases have recently encouraged a large interest in soft matter materials development, due to their possible application in faster and easier to produce displays. One of the


Thermodynamic phase diagrams of cholesteric liquid crystals in relatively weak electric or magnetic fields are calculated approximately in a Landau approach. It is found that a new phase, having a
Erratum - A Body-Centered Cubic Structure for the Cholesteric Blue Phase
2014 Using Landau theory, possible structures that can occur in chiral liquid crystals when the isotropic phase becomes thermodynamically unstable are analyzed. It is shown that the transition may be
The Cholesteric Blue Phase: A Progress Report
Abstract Experimental studies of the blue phase of cholesteric liquid crystals have revealed two cubic phases (BPI and BPII) and a possible amorphous “fog” phase (BPIII). In addition, a number of
Facetting of cholesteric phases in electric fields
Electric field effects on crystal shapes of Blue Phases and of the Helicoidal Phase of cholesteric liquid crystals are considered. We show that dielectric energy of these phases contributes to the
Liquid Single Crystals of Cholesteric Blue Phases
Liquid single crystals of cholesteric “Blue Phases” (BP) have been prepared and observed by polarizing microscopy. They exhibit a quadratic size without any exception. At the phase transition BP II →
Relative order parameters of cholesteric and blue phases
The wavelength and angle dependence of the Bragg reflection from the cholesteric "blue" phase is studied as a function of temperature. Dynamical "Darwin flat-top" behavior is found, and the width in
Microscopic Observations of the Cholesteric Blue Phase in Mixtures of Varying Pitch
Abstract Theories for the blue phase proposed recently by Brazovskii and Dmitriev and by Hornreich and Shtrikman predict that this phase can exist only for cholesterics of sufficiently short pitch.
On Molecular Structure and Physical Properties of Thermotropic Liquid Crystals
Abstract Some models for the molecular structures of liquid crystals including a ferroelectric liquid are discussed. It is shown that a smectic liquid with a layered structure, in which the preferred
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy in cholesteric liquid crystals .II. The blue phase
NMR spectroscopy is utilized to study the little understood ’’blue phase’’ of the cholesteric liquid crystals cholesteryl m‐fluorobenzoate and cholesteryl decanoate. The NMR spectra in the ordinary