Crystal structure of the site-specific recombinase, XerD.

  title={Crystal structure of the site-specific recombinase, XerD.},
  author={Hosahalli S. Subramanya and Lidia K Arciszewska and Robert A. Baker and Louise E. Bird and David J Sherratt and Dale B. Wigley},
  journal={The EMBO journal},
  volume={16 17},
The structure of the site-specific recombinase, XerD, that functions in circular chromosome separation, has been solved at 2.5 A resolution and reveals that the protein comprises two domains. The C-terminal domain contains two conserved sequence motifs that are located in similar positions in the structures of XerD, lambda and HP1 integrases. However, the extreme C-terminal regions of the three proteins, containing the active site tyrosine, are very different. In XerD, the arrangement of active… CONTINUE READING

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