Crystal structure of the human primase.

  title={Crystal structure of the human primase.},
  author={Andrey G Baranovskiy and Yinbo Zhang and Yoshiaki Suwa and Nigar D. Babayeva and Jianyou Gu and Youri I. Pavlov and Tahir H. Tahirov},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
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DNA replication in bacteria and eukaryotes requires the activity of DNA primase, a DNA-dependent RNA polymerase that lays short RNA primers for DNA polymerases. Eukaryotic and archaeal primases are heterodimers consisting of small catalytic and large accessory subunits, both of which are necessary for RNA primer synthesis. Understanding of RNA synthesis priming in eukaryotes is currently limited due to the lack of crystal structures of the full-length primase and its complexes with substrates… CONTINUE READING