Crystal structure of the breakage–reunion domain of DNA gyrase

  title={Crystal structure of the breakage–reunion domain of DNA gyrase},
  author={Joo H. Morais Cabral and Andrew P. Jackson and Clare V. Smith and Nita Shikotra and Anthony Maxwell and Robert C. Liddington},
DNA gyrase is a type II DNA topoisomerase from bacteria that introduces supercoils into DNA,. It catalyses the breakage of a DNA duplex (the G segment), the passage of another segment (the T segment) through the break, and then the reunification of the break. This activity involves the opening and closing of a series of molecular ‘gates’ which is coupled to ATP hydrolysis. Here we present the crystal structure of the ‘breakage–reunion’ domain of the gyrase at 2.8 Å resolution. Comparison of the… CONTINUE READING

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