Crystal structure of (μ-4-hy­droxy­benzene­thiol­ato-κ2 S:S)bis­(μ-phenyl­methane­thiol­ato-κ2 S:S)bis­[(η6-1-isopropyl-4-methyl­benzene)­ruthenium(II)] tetra­fluorido­borate

The crystal structure of the dinuclear arene ruthenium title complex, [Ru2(C6H5OS)(C7H7S)2(C10H14)2]BF4, shows the two Ru(II) atoms to be bridged by two benzyl-thio-pheno-late units and one 4-hy-droxy-thio-pheno-late unit, with the remaining three coordination sites of each Ru(II) atom being occupied by p-cymene ligands, completing the typical piano-stool… (More)