Crystal structure of [p-C6H4(CH2ImMe)2][PtCl6].


The structure of the title complex consists of a [p-C6H4(CH2ImMe)2]2+ and [PtCl6](2-) pair. The platinum atom is hexacoordinated by six chloride ions in octahedral coordination geometry. The average Pt-Cl bond distance is 2.3199 A. The imidazolium cation and hexachloroplatinate anion are linked via hydrogen bonds, and the crystal packing is governed by the CH...Cl interactions.

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@article{Li2003CrystalSO, title={Crystal structure of [p-C6H4(CH2ImMe)2][PtCl6].}, author={Dacheng Li and Daojie Liu}, journal={Analytical sciences : the international journal of the Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry}, year={2003}, volume={19 7}, pages={1089-90} }