Crystal structure of ortho­rhom­bic {bis­[(pyridin-2-yl)meth­yl](3,5,5,5-tetra­chloro­pent­yl)amine-κ3 N,N′,N′′}chlorido­copper(II) perchlorate

  title={Crystal structure of ortho­rhom­bic \{bis­[(pyridin-2-yl)meth­yl](3,5,5,5-tetra­chloro­pent­yl)amine-κ3
N,N′,N′′\}chlorido­copper(II) perchlorate},
  author={Katherine A. Bussey and Annie R. Cavalier and Jennifer R. Connell and Margaret E. Mraz and Kayode D. Oshin and Tomislav Pintauer and Danielle L Gray and Sean R. Parkin},
  booktitle={Acta crystallographica. Section E, Crystallographic communications},
In the title compound, [CuCl(C17H19Cl4N3)]ClO4, the Cu(II) ion adopts a distorted square-planar geometry defined by one chloride ligand and the three nitro-gen atoms from the bis-[(pyridin-2-yl)meth-yl](3,5,5,5-tetra-chloro-pent-yl)amine ligand. The perchlorate counter-ion is disordered over three sets of sites with refined occupancies 0.0634 (17), 0.221… CONTINUE READING