Crystal structure of bis­(di­methyl­ammonium) hexa­aqua­cobalt(II) bis­(sulfate) dihydrate

  • Peter Held
  • Published 2015 in
    Acta crystallographica. Section E…


The title salt, (C2H8N)2[Co(H2O)6)](SO4)2·2H2O, is isotypic with (C2H8N)2[Ni(H2O)6)](SO4)2·2H2O. The Co-O bond lengths in the [Co(H2O)6](2+) complex cation show very similar distances as in the related Tutton salt (NH4)2[Co(H2O)6)](SO4)2 [average 2.093 (17) Å], but are significantly longer than in the isotypic Ni(II) compound (Δd ≃ 0.04 Å). The cobalt cation reaches an overall bond-valence sum of 1.97 valence units. The S-O distances are nearly equal, ranging from 1.454 (4) to 1.470 (3) Å [mean 1.465 (12) Å]; however, the O-S-O angles vary clearly from 108.1 (2) to 110.2 (2)° [average bond angle 109.5 (9)°]. The non-coordinating water mol-ecules and di-methyl-ammonium cations connect the sulfate tetrahedra and the [Co(H2O)6](2+) octa-hedron via O-H⋯O and N-H⋯O hydrogen bonds of weak up to medium strength into a three-dimensional framework whereby the complex metal cations and sulfate anions are arranged in sheets parallel to (001).

DOI: 10.1107/S2056989015003400

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