Crystal structure of baculovirus RNA triphosphatase complexed with phosphate.

  title={Crystal structure of baculovirus RNA triphosphatase complexed with phosphate.},
  author={Anita Changela and Alexandra R Martins and Stewart Shuman and Alfonso Mondrag{\'o}n},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={280 18},
Baculovirus RNA 5'-triphosphatase (BVP) exemplifies a family of RNA-specific cysteine phosphatases that includes the RNA triphosphatase domains of metazoan and plant mRNA capping enzymes. Here we report the crystal structure of BVP in a phosphate-bound state at 1.5 A resolution. BVP adopts the characteristic cysteine-phosphatase alpha/beta fold and binds two phosphate ions in the active site region, one of which is proposed to mimic the phosphate of the product complex after hydrolysis of the… CONTINUE READING

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