Crystal structure of an allantoicase (YIR029W) from Saccharomyces cerevisiae at 2.4 Å resolution

  title={Crystal structure of an allantoicase (YIR029W) from Saccharomyces cerevisiae at 2.4 {\AA} resolution},
  author={Qingping Xu and Robert Schwarzenbacher and Rebecca Page and Eric Sims and Polat Abdubek and Eileen Ambing and Tanya Biorac and Linda S. Brinen and Jamison Cambell and Jaume M. Cànaves and H J Chiu and Xiaoping Dai and Ashley Deacon and Michael Didonato and Marc A. Elsliger and Ross Floyd and Adam Godzik and Carina Grittini and Slawomir K. Grzechnik and Eric Hampton and Lukasz Jaroszewski and Cathy Karlak and Heath E. Klock and Eric Koesema and John S Kovarik and Andreas Kreusch and Peter Kuhn and Scott A. Lesley and Inna Levin and Daniel Mcmullan and Timothy M. McPhillips and Mitchell D. Miller and Andrew T. Morse and Kin Moy and Jie Ouyang and Kevin Quijano and Ron Reyes and Fred Rezezadeh and Alyssa Robb and Glen Spraggon and Raymond C. Stevens and Henry van den Bedem and Jeff Velasquez and Juli Vincent and Frank von Delft and Xianhong Wang and Bill West and Guenter Wolf and Keith O. Hodgson and John A. Wooley and Ian A. Wilson},
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Qingping Xu, Robert Schwarzenbacher, Rebecca Page, Eric Sims, Polat Abdubek, Eileen Ambing, Tanya Biorac, Linda S. Brinen, Jamison Cambell, Jaume M. Canaves, Hsiu-Ju Chiu, Xiaoping Dai, Ashley M. Deacon, Mike DiDonato, Marc-André Elsliger, Ross Floyd, Adam Godzik, Carina Grittini, Slawomir K. Grzechnik, Eric Hampton, Lukasz Jaroszewski, Cathy Karlak, Heath E. Klock, Eric Koesema, John S. Kovarik, Andreas Kreusch, Peter Kuhn, Scott A. Lesley, Inna Levin, Daniel McMullan, Timothy M. McPhillips… 
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Crystal structure of ureidoglycolate hydrolase (AllA) from Escherichia coli O157:H7
Allantoin has many applications and in particular is used as an abrasive and astringent agent in cosmetic lotions, creams, suntan products, scalp preparations, shampoos, lipsticks, and various aerosol preparations and is also used in topical pharmaceutical preparations.


Xenopus allantoicase: molecular cloning, enzymatic activity and developmental expression.
It is found that allantoicase mRNA is abundantly expressed in kidney and liver, but at much lower level is also present in brain, testis, intestine, and lung, and enzymatic activity in crude extract from kidney, liver and lung is detected.
Allantoate amidinohydrolase (Allantoicase) from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii: its purification and catalytic and molecular characterization.
The effect of group-specific reagents suggest that the amino acids histidine, tyrosine, and cysteine are essentials for the allantoicase activity with both substrates.
XtalView/Xfit--A versatile program for manipulating atomic coordinates and electron density.
  • D. McRee
  • Chemistry
    Journal of structural biology
  • 1999
Xfit is a model-building and map viewing program in XtalView that is used by the structural biology community including researchers in the fields of crystallography, molecular modeling, and electron
Structural genomics of the Thermotoga maritima proteome implemented in a high-throughput structure determination pipeline
  • S. Lesley, P. Kuhn, R. Stevens
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The design and implementation of a high-throughput structural genomics pipeline and its application to the proteome of the thermophilic bacterium Thermotoga maritima is described and successfully cloned and attempted expression of 1,376 of the predicted 1,877 genes.
Solution structure of the single-strand break repair protein XRCC1 N-terminal domain
It is shown, for the first time, that the XRCC1 NTD specifically binds single-strand break DNA (gapped and nicked) and a gapped DNA–β-Pol complex is shown.
The CCP4 suite: programs for protein crystallography.
The CCP4 (Collaborative Computational Project, number 4) program suite is a collection of programs and associated data and subroutine libraries which can be used for macromolecular structure
Error Estimates of Protein Structure Coordinates and Deviations from Standard Geometry by Full-Matrix Refinement of γB- and βB2-Crystallin
Faster workstations with larger memories are making error estimation from full-matrix least-squares refinement a more practicable technique in protein crystallography. Using minimum variance