Crystal structure of (E)-4-methyl-N-{2-[2-(4-nitro­benzyl­idene)hydrazin-1-yl]-2-oxoeth­yl}benzene­sulfonamide N,N-di­methyl­formamide monosolvate


The mol-ecule of the title Schiff base compound, C16H16N4O5S·C3H7NO, displays a trans conformation with respect to the C=N double bond. The C-N and N-N bonds are relatively short compared to their normal bond lengths, indicating some degree of delocalization in the mol-ecule. The mol-ecule is bent at the S atom, with an S-N-C-C torsion angle of 164.48 (11… (More)
DOI: 10.1107/S2056989017014669


6 Figures and Tables