Crystal structure and magnetic properties of diaqua (L-aspartato)copper(II)

  title={Crystal structure and magnetic properties of diaqua (L-aspartato)copper(II)},
  author={Rafael Alejandro Calvo and Carlos Alberto Steren and Oscar Enrique Piro and Te{\'o}filo Rojo and F. Javier Zu{\~n}iga and Eduardo Ernesto Castellano},
The title compound, Cu(CO 2 NH 2 CHCH 2 CO 2 )(H 2 O) 2 , crystallizes in the space group C2, with a=9.504(1) A, b=10.038(3) A, c=7.555(1) A, β=94.01 o , and Z=4. The structure was solved by employing 807 independent reflections with I>3σ (I), by Patterson and difference Fourier techniques, and refined by full-matrix least squares to R=0.024. The Cu(II) ion is in a distorted tetragonal pyramidal coordination 

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