Crystal field splitting and optical bandgap of hexagonal LuFeO3 films

  title={Crystal field splitting and optical bandgap of hexagonal LuFeO3 films},
  author={Wenbin Wang and Hongwei Wang and Xiaoying Xu and L. Y. Zhu and Lixin He and Elizabeth G Wills and Xuemei Cheng and David J. Keavney and Jian Shen and Xifan Wu and Xiaoshan Xu},
  • Wenbin Wang, Hongwei Wang, +8 authors Xiaoshan Xu
  • Published 2012
  • Physics
  • Hexagonal LuFeO3 films have been studied using x-ray absorption and optical spectroscopy. The crystal splitting of Fe3+ is extracted as Ee′−Ee″=0.7 eV and Ea1′−Ee′=0.9 eV, and a 2.0 eV optical bandgap is determined assuming a direct gap. First-principles calculations confirm the experiments that the relative energies of crystal field splitting states do follow Ea1′>Ee′>Ee″ with slightly underestimated values and a bandgap of 1.35 eV. 

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