Crystal and magnetic structure of the double perovskite Sr2CoUO6: a neutron diffraction study.


Sr2CoUO6 double perovskite has been prepared as a polycrystalline powder by solid-state reaction, in air. This material has been studied by X-ray, neutron powder diffraction (NPD) and magnetic measurements. At room temperature, the crystal structure is monoclinic, space group P2(1)/n, Z= 2, with a= 5.7916(2), b= 5.8034(2), c= 8.1790(3) A, beta= 90.1455(6)degrees. The perovskite lattice consists of a completely ordered array of CoO6 and UO6 octahedra, which exhibit an average tilting angle phi= 11.4 degrees. Magnetic and neutron diffraction measurements indicate an antiferromagnetic ordering below TN = 10 K. The low-temperature magnetic structure was determined by NPD, selected among the possible magnetic solutions compatible with the P2(1)/n space group, according with the group theory representation. The propagation vector is k= 0. A canted antiferromagnetic structure is observed below TN = 10 K, which remains stable down to 3 K, with an ordered magnetic moment of 2.44(7)mu(B) for Co2+ cations. The magnetic moment calculated from the Curie-Weiss law at high temperatures (5.22 mu(B)/f.u.) indicates that the orbital contribution is unquenched at high temperatures, which is consistent with high-spin Co2+((4)T(1g) ground state) in a quasi-regular octahedral environment. Magnetic and structural features are consistent with an electronic configuration Co2+[3d(7)]-U6+[Rn].

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