Crystal Structure of the Rabies Virus Nucleoprotein-RNA Complex

  title={Crystal Structure of the Rabies Virus Nucleoprotein-RNA Complex},
  author={Aur{\'e}lie A Albertini and Amy K. Wernimont and Tadeusz Mikołaj Muzioł and Raimond B. G. Ravelli and Cedric R. Clapier and Guy Schoehn and Winfried Weissenhorn and Rob W. H. Ruigrok},
  pages={360 - 363}
Negative-strand RNA viruses condense their genome into a helical nucleoprotein-RNA complex, the nucleocapsid, which is packed into virions and serves as a template for the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase complex. The crystal structure of a recombinant rabies virus nucleoprotein-RNA complex, organized in an undecameric ring, has been determined at 3.5 angstrom resolution. Polymerization of the nucleoprotein is achieved by domain exchange between protomers, with flexible hinges allowing nucleocapsid… 
Nucleocapsid Structure of Negative Strand RNA Virus
This work has suggested that the nucleocapsid may play a regulatory role during NSV replication and its role in viral RNA synthesis is still under investigation.
The Structure of a Biologically Active Influenza Virus Ribonucleoprotein Complex
The results provide the first model for a functional negative-stranded RNA virus ribonucleoprotein complex and will serve as a framework to generate a quasi-atomic model of the molecular machine responsible for viral RNA synthesis and to test new models for virus RNA replication and transcription.
Structural comparisons of the nucleoprotein from three negative strand RNA virus families
Structures of the nucleoprotein of three negative strand RNA virus families, borna disease virus, rhabdovirus and influenza A virus, are now available. Structural comparisons showed that the topology
Structural aspects of rabies virus replication
The structure of the rabies virus nucleoprotein is compared with the structures of the nucleoproteins of vesicular stomatitis virus, Borna disease virus and influenza virus, highlighting potential similarities between these virus families.
Self-capping of nucleoprotein filaments protects the Newcastle disease virus genome
The clam-shaped nucleocapsid structure, where the NDV viral genome is sequestered, was determined at 4.8 Å resolution by cryo-electron microscopy, which revealed a single-headed unfunctional filament in this structure.
Structural insights into RNA encapsidation and helical assembly of the Toscana virus nucleoprotein
A structural model for how binding of RNA to N promotes the formation of helical RNPs, which are a characteristic hallmark of many negative-strand RNA viruses are suggested.
Access to RNA Encapsidated in the Nucleocapsid of Vesicular Stomatitis Virus
This work has found that the RNA in the VSV nucleocapsid can be removed by RNase A, in contrast to what was previously reported.
Structural insight into Marburg virus nucleoprotein-RNA complex formation
Structural-based mutational analysis of both MARV and EBOV NPs identified key residues for the viral RNA synthesis as well as the helical assembly, and most of the residues identified were conserved in both viruses.
Releasing the Genomic RNA Sequestered in the Mumps Virus Nucleocapsid
The work reported here shows that a helix structural element in the MuV nucleocapsid protein becomes open when the sequestered RNA is released, and proposes that the viral RdRp pulls this helix open to release the genomic RNA.
Structural insight into Marburg virus nucleoprotein–RNA complex formation
Structural-based mutational analysis of both MARV and EBOV NPs identified key residues for helical assembly and subsequent viral RNA synthesis, and most of the residues identified were conserved in both viruses.


Structure of Recombinant Rabies Virus Nucleoprotein-RNA Complex and Identification of the Phosphoprotein Binding site
A low-resolution model for rabies virus N-RNA in the virus is proposed based on the shape of N determined here and on structural parameters derived from electron microscopy on free rabiesirus N- RNA and from nucleocapsid in virus.
Structure of the RNA inside the vesicular stomatitis virus nucleocapsid.
The structure of the viral RNA (vRNA) inside intact nucleocapsids of vesicular stomatitis virus was studied by chemical probing experiments and the variations in reactivity towards the chemical probes are caused by the presence of the nucleoprotein.
Identification of a region of the rabies virus N protein involved in direct binding to the viral RNA.
It was demonstrated by affinity chromatography that a peptide near the COOH terminus of t42, which is located in the most conserved region of Rhabdoviridae N proteins, bound directly to the viral RNA, suggesting both that N proteins may possess a new type of RNA binding motif and that protein folding contributes to the architecture of the RNA binding site.
Characterization of rabies virus nucleocapsids and recombinant nucleocapsid-like structures.
Experiments to remove the resident RNA from viral and recombinant rabies virus nucleocapsids failed, whereas the same methods used to eliminate the RNA from vesicular stomatitis virus nucleOCapsids was successful.
The assembly of the measles virus nucleoprotein into nucleocapsid-like particles is modulated by the phosphoprotein.
It is demonstrated that the measles virus phosphoprotein regulates the efficiency with which the nucleoprotein assembles into nucleocapsids and the structural conformation they acquire.