Crystal Structure of Solid Hydrogen Chloride and Deuterium Chloride

  title={Crystal Structure of Solid Hydrogen Chloride and Deuterium Chloride},
  author={E. S{\'a}ndor and R. Farrow},
  • E. Sándor, R. Farrow
  • Published 1967
  • Chemistry
  • Nature
  • IT has long been known from measurements of specific heat1 that solid hydrogen chloride undergoes a first order phase transition at about 98.4° K. A similar phase transition was later found2 in solid deuterium chloride at about 105.0° K. X-ray powder photographs3 revealed that the crystal structure of hydrogen chloride was orthorhombic below the transition point and cubic above it. They also indicated that the chlorine atoms formed a face-centred lattice in both phases, but gave no clue… CONTINUE READING
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