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Crystal Structure and Magnetism of Co2−xNixB2O5 Pyroborate

  title={Crystal Structure and Magnetism of Co2−xNixB2O5 Pyroborate},
  author={S. Michael and B. Natalya and V. K. Natalya and N. Leonard and D. Alexander and V. E. Evgeny and G. Sergey},
  • S. Michael, B. Natalya, +4 authors G. Sergey
  • Published 2011
  • Materials Science
  • The high quality single crystals of Co2B2O5:Ni were synthesized. The detail study of crystal structure using single-crystal X-ray diffraction was carried out. The monoclinic symmetry was found (P21/c space group). The magnetization and magnetic susceptibility measurements have shown antiferromagnetic behavior below TN = 47 K and paramagnetic temperature θ = 43 K. The effective magnetic moment per magnetic ion was 3.49 μB, which points out the divalent and high-spin state of Co and Ni ions. 


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