Cryptosporidium species and subtype analysis from dairy calves in Spain.

  title={Cryptosporidium species and subtype analysis from dairy calves in Spain.},
  author={Joaqu{\'i}n Qu{\'i}lez and Eucaris Torres and Rachel Mary Chalmers and Guy Robinson and Emilio del Cacho and Caridad S{\'a}nchez-Acedo},
  volume={135 14},
Faecal specimens from 287 diarrhoeic calves younger than 21 days, collected over a 2-year period (2006-2007) from 82 dairy cattle farms in 14 provinces across the north of Spain, were examined for the presence of Cryptosporidium oocysts. Overall, 63 farms (76.8%) and 166 calves (57.8%) tested positive by microscopy. In order to elucidate the genetic diversity, selected positive specimens from 149 calves originating from 61 farms in the 14 provinces were examined by genotyping and subtyping… CONTINUE READING


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