Cryptolepine and quindoline: understanding their photophysics.

  title={Cryptolepine and quindoline: understanding their photophysics.},
  author={In{\^e}s F{\'a}tima Afonso Mariz and Sandra Pinto and Jo{\~a}o Lavrado and Alexandra Paulo and Jos{\'e} Martinho and Ermelinda Maç{\^o}as},
  journal={Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP},
  volume={19 16},
Quindoline (QUIND, indolo[3,2-b]quinoline) and cryptolepine (CRYPT, 5-methyl-10H-indolo[3,2-b]quinoline) together with their corresponding derivatives have been studied for decades due to their important biological activity against diseases like malaria. The biological activity of drugs is routinely investigated using fluorescence based methods. However… CONTINUE READING