Cryptographic imagination

  title={Cryptographic imagination},
  author={Ashish Chadha},
  journal={The Indian Economic and Social History Review},
  pages={141 - 177}
  • Ashish Chadha
  • Published 1 April 2010
  • Computer Science
  • The Indian Economic and Social History Review
The success of the cryptographic technique during World War II in decoding enemy ciphers holds an enduring impact on archaeologists working on decoding ancient scripts. The conviction to break open any code, in theory, employing scientific methods, mathematical formulae and computers, gives rise to a cryptographic imagination. This epistemological articulation apprehends the ancient script as a military cryptogram that could be cracked through scientific intervention. I examine cryptographic… 

The Pulse in the Machine: Automating Tibetan Diagnostic Palpation in Postsocialist Russia

  • T. Chudakova
  • Medicine
    Comparative Studies in Society and History
  • 2015
It is shown how the apparent failures at perfect mechanization have made the pulsometer a surprisingly productive site for creating new kinds of expert communities and forms of knowledge making.



The Cryptographic Imagination: Secret Writing from Edgar Poe to the Internet (Parallax: Re-visions of Culture and Society Series)

This text uses the writings of Edgar Allan Poe to pose a set of questions pertaining to literary genre, cultural modernity and technology. The author argues that Poe's cryptographic writings - his

The German Enigma Cipher Machine: Beginnings, Success, and Ultimate Failure

The Commercial Enigma: Beginnings of Machine Cryptography. The Significance of Codebreaking and Intelligence in Allied Strategy and Tactics. British-American Cryptanalytic Cooperation and an

The Study of the Indus Script General Considerations

  • S. Kak
  • Computer Science
  • 1987
Some general considerations that the cryptologist must keep in mind in a study of the Indus script are summarized.

The Code Book: The Evolution of Secrecy from Mary, Queen of Scots, to Quantum Cryptography

From the Publisher: Codes have decided the fates of empires, countries, and monarchies throughout recorded history. Mary, Queen of Scots was put to death by her cousin, Queen Elizabeth, for the high

Decrypted secrets - methods and maxims of cryptology

This 3rd edition of "Decrypted Secrets" has become a standard book on cryptology and has again been revised and extended in many technical and biographical details.

Colossus: The secrets of Bletchley Park's code-breaking computers

The American ENIAC is customarily regarded as the first electronic computer. In this fascinating volume, Jack Copeland rewrites the history of computer science, arguing that in reality Colossus--the

The Collapse of the Indus-Script Thesis: The Myth of a Literate Harappan Civilization

have long claimed the Indus Valley as one of the four literate centers of the early ancient world, complete with long texts written on perishable materials. We demonstrate the impossibility of the

HORSEPLAY IN HARAPPA The Indus Valley Decipherment Hoax

L summer the Indian press carried sensational stories announcing the final decipherment of the Harappan or Indus Valley script. A United News of India dispatch on July 11, 1999, picked up throughout

The Harappan Civilization and Its Writing: A Model for the Decipherment of the Indus Script

Of the four most ancient civilizations of the Old World only the South Asian or Harappan civilization's writing has not been deciphered. Ever since the discovery of that civilization in the early

The Indus script: A challenging puzzle

Abstract The Indus script used by the Harappan civilization around 2600–1800 B.C. remains little understood, but is by no means a ‘hopeless case’ as some authorities have maintained. The vexed