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Cryptobenthic Fauna of the Mussel Farm’s Collectors

  title={Cryptobenthic Fauna of the Mussel Farm’s Collectors},
  author={Evgeniya Karpova and A. R. Boltachev and Svetlana Statkevich and O. I. Danylyuk and Ilya S. Turbanov},
  journal={Turkish Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences},
In this study, cryptobenthic communities of fishes and decapod in underwater caves of Tarkhankut peninsula, underwater caves of southwestern Crimea and mussel's farm in Sebastopol were described. Structure and features of cryptobenthic fauna were considered for mussel's settlements and underwater habitat (caves and grottoes), the study of which is extremely complex and are sketchy and incomplete in the Black Sea. In the cryptobenthic fish community of the mussel fouling two new for Crimea fish… 

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