CryptoBooster: A Reconfigurable and Modular Cryptographic Coprocessor

  title={CryptoBooster: A Reconfigurable and Modular Cryptographic Coprocessor},
  author={Emeka Mosanya and Christof Teuscher and H{\'e}ctor Fabio Restrepo and Patrick Galley and Eduardo Sanchez},
The CryptoBooster is a modular and reconfigurable cryptographic coprocessor that takes full advantage of current high-performance reconfigurable circuits (FPGAs) and their partial reconfigurability. The CryptoBooster works as a coprocessor with a host system in order to accelerate cryptographic operations. A series of cryptographic modules for different encryption algorithms are planned. The first module we implemented is IDEACore, an encryption core for the International Data Encryption… CONTINUE READING
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