Cryptanalysis of A Hierarchical Data Access and Key Management in Cloud Computing

  title={Cryptanalysis of A Hierarchical Data Access and Key Management in Cloud Computing},
  author={Cheng-Ying Yang and Cheng-Chi Lee and Tsuei-Hung Sun and Min-Shiang Hwang},
  journal={IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering},
One of major applications in cloud computing is cloud storage service. It’s an important research issue to protect the stored data from illegal access by the system manager in the Cloud. To encrypt entire file by using data owner’s secret keys is the simple solution. However it will raise a key management problem. To solve this problem, Hwang and Sun proposed a hierarchical key management scheme. In their scheme, the data owner could change the encryption key more easily, and not to affect… 
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Cost-Effective Solutions in Cloud Computing Security

  • Lumbardha Hasimi
  • Computer Science
    Developments in Information & Knowledge Management for Business Applications
  • 2021
This work aims to present some of the most efficient existing solutions for security in cloud computing, present a short overview of the progress in literature and research that tackle such issues, and investigate the models and methods of calculating the costs of security incloud computing.



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Analysis of One Scheme for Enabling Cloud Storage Auditing with Verifiable Outsourcing of Key Updates

It is remarked that Yu et al.'s scheme for cloud storage auditing with verifiable outsourcing of key updates has two inherent weaknesses: 1) it does not truly mitigate the client's computational burden for key updates; 2) itdoes not ensure confidentiality since the files uploaded to the cloud by the client are eventually not encrypted at all.

Securing Portable Document Format File Using Extended Visual Cryptography to Protect Cloud Data Storage

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Compared with the existing MA-CP-ABE schemes, the proposed scheme is the most suitable one to enable data access control for collaborative cloud storage systems and the security and performance analysis indicates that the scheme is more secure and reasonably efficient to be applied to practical scenarios as collaborative cloudstorage systems.

Role-based Access Control for Body Area Networks Using Attribute-based Encryption in Cloud Storage

A role-based access control scheme (RACS) used in the cloud that can resist the ciphertext attack and superior to others in the storage space and computation overhead is designed.

A Study of Attribute-based Proxy Re-encryption Scheme in Cloud Environments

This paper surveys two various access policy attribute-based proxy re-encryption schemes and analyzes these schemes and lists the comparisons of them by some criteria.

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A dynamic data guarantee and data confidentiality scheme for public auditing in cloud storage service is proposed and bilinear pairing can achieve the most efficient way to verify data correctness and batch auditing.