Cryopreservation of seabream (Sparus aurata) spermatozoa.

  title={Cryopreservation of seabream (Sparus aurata) spermatozoa.},
  author={Adele Fabbrocini and S L Lavadera and S Rispoli and Giovanni Sansone},
  volume={40 1},
The aim of this research was to optimize protocols for freezing spermatozoa of seabream (Sparus aurata). All the phases of the cryopreservation procedure (sampling, choosing the cryoprotective extender, cooling, freezing, and thawing) were studied in relation to the species of spermatozoa under examination, so as to be able to restore on thawing the morphological and physiological characteristics of fresh semen. Seabream spermatozoa were collected by stripping and transported to the laboratory… CONTINUE READING
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