Cryomycin, a new peptide antibiotic produced only at low temperature.

  title={Cryomycin, a new peptide antibiotic produced only at low temperature.},
  author={N. Yoshida and Y. Tani and K. Ogata},
  journal={The Journal of antibiotics},
  volume={25 11},
A new antibiotic, cryomycin, was isolated from the culture filtrate of a facultatively psychrophilic streptomycete. As a result of taxonomic studies, it was considered a new subspecies for which the name Streptomyces griseus subsp. psychrophilus, YOSHIDA, TANI and OGATA, is proposed. The type strain is AKU 2881. This organism grows at 0-37°C and produces cryomycin at 0-18°C. Cryomycin is a peptide antibiotic containing a rather large amount of glycine in its molecule. It darkens at 214-217°C… Expand
On the mode of action of cryomycin.
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