Cryogenic characterization of a $$\hbox {LiAlO}_{2}$$ crystal and new results on spin-dependent dark matter interactions with ordinary matter

  title={Cryogenic characterization of a \$\$\hbox \{LiAlO\}\_\{2\}\$\$ crystal and new results on spin-dependent dark matter interactions with ordinary matter},
  author={Asmaa Abdelhameed and Godehard Angloher and Patrick Bauer and Antonio C. Bento and E. Bertoldo and R{\'o}bert Breier and C. Bucci and L. Canonica and A. D’Addabbo and Santo Di Lorenzo and Andreas Erb and F. v. Feilitzsch and Nahuel Ferreiro Iachellini and S. Fichtinger and D. Fuchs and A Fuss and Vasile Mihai Ghete and Abhijit Garai and Paolo Gorla and Dieter Hauff and Miroslav Je{\vs}kovsk{\'y} and Josef Jochum and Jakub Kaizer and M. A. Kaznacheeva and A. Kinast and H. Kluck and Hans Kraus and A. Langenk{\"a}mper and M. Mancuso and V. Mokina and Elizabeth Mondrag{\'o}n and Miriam Olmi and T. Ortmann and Carmine Elvezio Pagliarone and Veronika Palu{\vs}ov{\'a} and Luca Pattavina and Federica Petricca and Walter Potzel and Pavel P. Povinec and F. Pr{\"o}bst and Florian Reindl and J. Rothe and K. Sch{\"a}ffner and Jochen Schieck and V. Schipperges and D. Schmiedmayer and Stefan Sch{\"o}nert and C. Schwertner and M. Stahlberg and Leo Stodolsky and C. Strandhagen and Raimund Strauss and I. Usherov and F. M. Wagner and Michael J. Willers and V. Zema and J. Zeman and Mario Br{\"u}tzam and Steffen Ganschow},
  journal={The European Physical Journal C},
In this work, a first cryogenic characterization of a scintillating $$\hbox {LiAlO}_{2}$$ LiAlO 2 single crystal is presented. The results achieved show that this material holds great potential as a target for direct dark matter search experiments. Three different detector modules obtained from one crystal grown at the Leibniz-Institut für Kristallzüchtung (IKZ) have been tested to study different properties at cryogenic temperatures. Firstly, two 2.8 g twin crystals were used to build… 
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