Cryoenzymology of the hammerhead ribozyme.

  title={Cryoenzymology of the hammerhead ribozyme.},
  author={Andrew L Feig and Glenn Ammons and O. C. Uhlenbeck},
  volume={4 10},
The technique of cryoenzymology has been applied to the hammerhead ribozyme in an attempt to uncover a structural rearrangement step prior to cleavage. Several cryosolvents were tested and 40% (v/v) methanol in water was found to perturb the system only minimally. This solvent allowed the measurement of ribozyme activity between 30 and -33 degrees C. Eyring plots are linear down to -27 degrees C, but a drastic reduction in activity occurs below this temperature. However, even at extremely low… CONTINUE READING