Cryocrystallography in capillaries: critical glycerol concentrations and cooling rates.

  title={Cryocrystallography in capillaries: critical glycerol concentrations and cooling rates.},
  author={Matthew T Warkentin and Valentina Stanislavskaia and Katherine Hammes and Robert E. Thorne},
  journal={Journal of applied crystallography},
  volume={41 Pt 4},
Capillary tubes have many advantages over multi-well plates for macromol-ecular crystal growth and handling, including the possibility of in situ structure determination. To obtain complete high-resolution X-ray data sets, cryopreservation protocols must be developed to prevent crystalline ice formation and preserve macromolecular crystal order. The minimum glycerol concentrations required to vitrify aqueous solutions during plunging into liquid nitrogen and liquid propane have been determined… CONTINUE READING
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