Crushing of piglets by sows: effects of litter features, pen features and sow behaviour

  title={Crushing of piglets by sows: effects of litter features, pen features and sow behaviour},
  author={D. Weary and P. A. Phillips and E. Pajor and D. Fraser and B. K. Thompson},
  journal={Applied Animal Behaviour Science},
Abstract Crushing of piglets by sows in farrowing pens was studied in a 2×2 experiment to evaluate the effect of different pen design features. Pens had either concrete or plastic-coated expanded metal flooring, and half of the pens were fitted with a horizontal bar 23 cm above the floor, bisecting the pen. The bar was intended to prevent the sow from rolling suddenly onto her side, a movement known to crush piglets in open pens. Ninety-eight litters were analyzed during the first 3 days after… Expand
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