Crusading against straw men: an alternative view of alternative archaeologies: response to Holtorf (2005)

  title={Crusading against straw men: an alternative view of alternative archaeologies: response to Holtorf (2005)},
  author={Garrett G. Fagan and Kenneth L. Feder},
  journal={World Archaeology},
  pages={718 - 729}
Judith: Well, why do you want to be Loretta, Stan? Loretta: I want to have babies. Reg: You want to have babies?! Loretta: It's every man's right to have babies if he wants them. Reg: But … you can... 

“I’m Not Saying It Was Aliens”: An Archaeological and Philosophical Analysis of a Conspiracy Theory

This chapter draws upon the archaeological and philosophical literature to offer an analysis and diagnosis of the popular ‘ancient aliens’ theory. First, we argue that ancient aliens theory is a form

'The Bible in Stone': Pyramids, Lost Tribes and Alternative Archaeologies

Abstract Fascination with the Great Pyramid of Khufu is one of the cornerstones of alternative archaeology, with mystical or prophetic significance attached to its every dimension and measurement. In

Between Certainty and Trust: Boundary-Work and the Construction of Archaeological Epistemic Authority:

The discovery of a rock art site in 2008 by an amateur archaeologist spurred a wave of public interest in archaeology in Maragateria, Spain. As new discoveries took place, alternative archaeologica...

Collaborate, Condemn, or Ignore? Responding to Non-Archaeological Approaches to Archaeological Heritage

What do archaeologists do when approached by groups or individuals with unorthodox, or even simply inappropriate, approaches to, and ideas about the past? What should they do? While much guidance and

Alternative Archaeology: Many Pasts in Our Present

Abstract This article introduces the field of alternative archaeology. After a short presentation of how the field has been received by professional archaeologists, different ways of defining it are

Cinema, Supernatural Archaeology, and the Hidden Human Past

Abstract Close analysis of modern movies reveals — yet archaeologists and historians have failed to understand — that the dominant representation of archaeological research and ancient human culture

A Consideration of Public Archaeology Theories

It is possible to identify four approaches to public archaeology: educational, public relations, pluralist, and critical. The most significant divide in the discourse of public archaeology over the

New Worlds: Ethics in Contemporary North American Archaeological Practice

Any overview of archaeological ethics in North America and how responsive or not it is to broader, global multicultural ethical discourses in large part must acknowledge that archaeology today is a

Communicating archaeology : from trends to policy : public perceptions and experience in the changing media environment

This thesis advances existing literature and knowledge about public engagement in archaeology. Based on extensive, quantitative and qualitative audience research, it examines how the UK public

Is archaeology still the project of nation states? An editorial comment

The European Association of Archaeologists has long fostered critical analysis of the relationship between archaeology and politics, particularly the politics of national, regional and supra-regional



Beyond crusades: how (not) to engage with alternative archaeologies

Abstract Archaeologists have often felt uneasy when encountering alternative (fringe, cult, fantastic, pseudo-) archaeologies. Some have suggested that alternative approaches and their results must

Fantastic Archaeology: The Wild Side of North American Prehistory

The landscape of the 19th century, Stephen Williams asserts, is dotted with fakes, frauds and humbugs who made fantastic claims of purported findings. This study has been designed to illuminate,

Talisman: Sacred Cities, Secret Faith

Is a roller coaster intellectual journey through the back streets and rat runs of history to uncover the traces in architecture and monuments of a secret religion that has shaped the world.

The comforts of unreason: The importance and relevance of alternative archaeology

Examining case studies from throughout the world; from North America, Britain, Egypt and Brazil to East Africa, China and beyond, Nick Merriman focuses on two key areas: communication and interpretation, and stakeholders.

Frauds, Myths, and Mysteries: Science and Pseudoscience in Archaeology

A comparison of the hypotheses and approaches of pseudo-archaeologists to those of archaeologists and other scientists. By describing the flaws in the purported evidence for each claim, the author

Heaven's Mirror: Quest for the Lost Civilization

PArt 1 Mexico: the feathered serpent on earyn as it is in heaven. Part 2 Egypt: sanctuaries of the Cosmos in the hall of the Double Truth hidden circles mystery teachers of heaven. Part 3 Cambodia:

Knowing the Past: Philosophical Issues of History and Archaeology

How can we know what really happened in the distant past in places like ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Palestine, Greece, and Rome, especially since the evidence is fragmentary and ancient cultures are

Editorial: Public Archaeology

This issue of the European Journal of Archaeology is aimed at examining matters of public archaeology and in so doing begs the questions 'what is public archaeology and how should it be defined?'. I

What Happened in History

PROF. V. GORDON CHILDE is one of the foremost prehistorians. He has travelled widely and done much work of great importance to the specialist ; he has, as it were, personally added many bricks to the

The Secret Doctrine

A FACSIMILE OF THE ORIGINAL EDITION OF 1888 THE THEOSOPHY COMPANY LOS ANGELES CALIF. This electronic version of The Secret Doctrine follows the pagination and style of the A FACSIMILE OF THE ORIGINAL