Crusade historians and the massacres of 1096

  title={Crusade historians and the massacres of 1096},
  author={Benjamin Z. Kedar},
  journal={Jewish History},
  • B. Kedar
  • Published 1 September 1998
  • History
  • Jewish History
In a sense, our study of history is, in very many cases, a-historical. We study our "sources," we read our "secondary literature," but in most cases we limit ourselves to literature written in this century or in the second half of the previous one. It is but rarely that we turn to historical works of an earlier date and all too often we are not even aware of their existence. Consequently we are not able to appreciate that some of the problems with which we are wrestling today had already… 
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The First Crusade and the Persecution of the Jews

Between December 1095 and July 1096 there took place the first pogrom in western European History, a series of events so distressing to the Jewish people that rumours of them reached the Near East in