Crucified with Christ: The Ego and the Omega

  title={Crucified with Christ: The Ego and the Omega},
  author={Thomas H. McCall},
  journal={The Journal of Analytic Theology},
  • Thomas H. McCall
  • Published 2020
  • Philosophy
  • The Journal of Analytic Theology
  • In the second chapter to his Galatians letter, Paul makes some striking statements. He says that he has been “crucified with Christ,” and indeed that he no longer lives but that Christ lives “in” him. Such claims raise fascinating exegetical and metaphysical issues that are important for theology. Just who is this “I”, and what is the relation of this “I” to Christ? How are we to understand union with Christ – indeed, is the relation spoken of here something stronger than mere union? Is it… CONTINUE READING


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