Crucial experiment to resolve Abraham-Minkowski Controversy

  title={Crucial experiment to resolve Abraham-Minkowski Controversy},
  author={Z.Y.Wang and P.Y.Wang and Y.R.Xu},
Wave-Front Curvature And Resolution Of The Abraham-Minkowski Controversy
This paper discusses about the momenta of photons in dielectric media. It is one of the unsolved problems in physics, especially optics. The problem took shape when, two scientists came up with two
Axiomatic geometrical optics, Abraham-Minkowski controversy, and photon properties derived classically
By restating geometrical optics within the eld-theoretical approach, the classical concept of a photon in arbitrary dispersive medium is introduced, and photon properties are calculated
On Faster than Light Photons in Double-Positive Materials
The subject of FTL (faster-than-light) deserves extra attention since special relativity prohibits the existence of matter and energy that travel faster than c=1ε0μ0=299,792,458m/s$$
The mystery "did not-sameness" the speeds of light in nature
It is shown, that the measured speed of light (and the phase and group) everywhere on Earth, and in near-Earth of air atmosphere, and in cosmic vacuum, has the same of variative characteristic, like
Superluminal motion is possible: Discussion of Limitation and Approximation of Special Relativity
Here discussed the difference between Special Relativity and Newton Mechanics from the epistemology; pointed out they discuss real and visual law of body motion respectively, and the Special
Mass or Energy? On Charge of Gravity
A gauge theory requires the conserved charge. The mass m0 is an invariant in relativity and some alternative theories where c2 is replaced by another constant K [1–4] but not conserved in the
Comparison of stresses on homogeneous spheroids in the optical stretcher computed with geometrical optics and generalized Lorenz-Mie theory.
Two electromagnetic frameworks are presented to compare the surface stresses on spheroidal particles in the optical stretcher (a dual-beam laser trap that can be used to capture and deform biological cells) and results indicate that surface stresses in this model hardly differ from the stresses on a sphere of similar size.
A heuristic resolution of the Abraham–Minkowski controversy
This paper reviews the history and origin of the Abraham–Minkowski controversy and points out that it is a continuation of the controversy over the speed of light in medium. Upon considering an