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Crowns in linear $3$-graphs

  title={Crowns in linear \$3\$-graphs},
  author={Alvaro Carbonero and Willem Fletcher and Jing Guo and Andr'as Gy'arf'as and Rona Wang and Shiyu Yan},
A linear 3-graph, H = (V,E), is a set, V , of vertices together with a set, E, of 3-element subsets of V , called edges, so that any two distinct edges intersect in at most one vertex. The linear Turán number, ex(n, F ), is the maximum number of edges in a linear 3-graph H with n vertices containing no copy of F . We focus here on the crown, C, which consists of three pairwise disjoint edges (jewels) and a fourth edge (base) which intersects all of the jewels. Our main result is that every… 

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An Extension of Mantel’s Theorem to k-Graphs

Mantel’s theorem is extended as follows: fan-free linear k-graphs on n points have at most edges, which nicely illustrates the difficulties of hypergraph Turán problems.

Triple systems with no six points carrying three triangles

  • Combinatorics (Keszthely,
  • 1976

TRIPLE SYSTEMS (Oxford Mathematical Monographs)