Crowdfunding for medical research picks up pace

  title={Crowdfunding for medical research picks up pace},
  author={Nayanah Siva},
  journal={The Lancet},
  • N. Siva
  • Published 20 September 2014
  • Business
  • The Lancet
From Government Funding to Crowdfunding: Identifying Approaches and Models for Universities
Malaysian public universities are bracing for funding cuts and moving towards autonomous status causing them to be more innovative in generating income. Crowdfunding has been part of the solutions.
Public engagement and crowdfunding for health research: A global qualitative evidence synthesis and TDR pilot
Public engagement provides a foundation for effective crowdfunding for health research, and evidence synthesis and pilot data provide practical strategies for LMIC researchers to engage the public and conduct crowdfunding campaigns.
Exploring Novel Funding Strategies for Innovative Medical Research: The HORAO Crowdfunding Campaign
Crowdfunding proved to be a successful strategy to fund a neuroscience project and to raise awareness of a specific clinical problem in order to explain medical challenges to the crowd through video messages and social media.
Analysing Educational Campaign’s Outcome in Donation-Based Crowdfunding: Social Capital as a Determinant Factor
A new financing alternative, known as crowdfunding, has expanded rapidly. Not all crowdfunding projects or campaigns can successfully reach the desired funding amount. Many studies have shown that
Developing a Comprehensive Framework for Crowd Funding Factors by Using the Hexagon Technique
This study is the first effort to design a comprehensive framework for factors that affect crowd funding and clusters were classified and clustered in a hexagonal framework based on the stakeholder's model.
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This paper analyzes the strategic interaction between a crowdfunding platform specialized in medical projects and a set of potential investors. The problem is cast as a two-stage game. In the first...
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the Problem That the Financing Difficulties and High Financing Costs for Small and Micro Enterprises Has Always Been a Topic of Concern for Enterprises and Related Researchers. the Inherent Weakness
Citizen science and sustainability transitions
Exploring Novel Funding Strategies for Innovative Medical Research: The HORAO Crowdfunding Campaign (Preprint)
An online crowdfunding campaign to develop a noninvasive real-time method to visualize neuronal fiber tracts during brain surgery in order to better delineate tumors and to identify crucial cerebral landmarks was launched in the context of the neuroscience project HORAO.